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beach memories

Throughout childhood and adolescence, I’d spend every summer with my family at Sorrento; a charming Victorian seaside town surrounded by a diverse collection of picturesque beaches. Some are family-friendly bay or ‘front’ beaches with rows of bathing boxes, rickety jetties, boat moorings and small, continuously lapping waves on the shore. Others are surf or ‘back’ beaches with larger, more challenging waves. The back beaches also held great appeal for us as teenagers, enjoying the vibrant social beach life and ever-growing sense of freedom. In January 2021 I had a two-week family vacation in Sorrento. I had not spent that amount of time there in January since my 20’s. It took me back to my youthhood summer holidays. I felt compelled to capture the memories I was recollecting, I guess because our childhood memories are the strongest. More so, I wanted to pay homage to the significance and value of those beach times as they had a profound impact on me, shaping adolescent development. The photos below are a small set taken from the book that I have created to represent my memories of summer days on the front and back beaches.

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